Horse Trailer Doors

Lazy N Horse Trailer came in with bad rust through on the lower area of the back doors.

We carefully measured the old doors. Then we made both  to old door specs. They were made with 11 gauge mild steel. The edges were rolled twice for strength and for a flat sealing area. The hinge holes were drilled at this time and epoxy primed as well.

After installing both doors to the trailer, we then prepped and painted to match.


The customer was pleased. We then talked about more work in the future on the trailer. The additional work will have to wait until after it sees a few more rodeos. 





Child's Vintage International Tractor

This little vintage International Tractor had a great story. The owner carried it in and said that when he was little he and his siblings played on it. 

He also said that he had such fond memories with the tractor and he would like to have it restored for his nephew to enjoy. So we went to work!

After surface blasting the two halves of the tractor case and some other parts. We then primed and painted with International Red. Some parts, like the wheels and seat, were purchase new from a company that reproduced them.


The finished product! Ready for the gentleman’s little nephew to enjoy like he once did.


Tailgate Headboard

This Ford tailgate was drop off. The customer asked us if we could make it into a headboard for their daughters bed.

After a few hours, we had a mocked up headboard. Next was to do the bodywork and paint.

The finished product! Ready for box springs and mattress.



King size metal bed -

Before pic of the king bed when it arrived.

The king size bed freshly painted with a epoxy base with a acrylic enamel top coat.

This bed at at home after refinishing project.


Blasting operation process, Wire Mesh furniture project -                                               


<—  Our typical surface blasting set up




Our dustless blasting system in action                                                   —>




After the surface blasting was complete we laid a nice turquoise finish to make this patio set pop     


Truck bed - 


This row of pics show that we do small jobs. The customer delivered this bed for blasting, metal repair and he wanted it back in primer ready to paint



Completed, as promised, as ordered! Ready for paint and install


Doctor's Cabinet -                                                                           Truck load of blast work -

<—      This doctor's cabinet came in for blasting, prep and paint.  Notice all the drawers are lined up on the shelf in back.




This was a full day of surface blasting. One of the most unusual item that I have blasted has been this 5 foot diameter sheet metal star. Came off of a local barn and will go back on another                                       —>


Book Shelf - 

This bookshelf was built by a craftsman and the customer brought it to me for a automotive quality white finish.


Finished product with a epoxy primer and an acrylic enamel top coat



Patio furniture project - 

This pic is an example of antique chairs that were pressure washed, cracks welded, prime, prep and painted. We did not surface blast because customer did not have it in their budget. However, it is a nice low budget way to get the new look this.




Cemetery project -

We even do cemetery work




News Stands ongoing project -

Continuing project of blasting and repainting news stands.