Auto Restoration/Repair



Upholstery Work - 

This Ford Bronco seat needed some help. The red pleated seat cover has been the latest custom seat cover sewn right here in the shop. It matches the other seats in the vehicle perfectly.


Finished product! Upholstery part done. Now ready to be stretched onto the seat frame


Town Car wreck repair -

<— We do small crash work as well as restoration.




All tore down and ready for repair  —>






The Lincoln town car all repaired with the ford polar white paint blended in  —>


Custom headers -

Sometimes, when we custom build a hand built vehicle there are problems finding exhaust manifolds that fit. Our answer is to custom fab are own. This custom set fits a jeep scrambler with a small block Chevy engine.


Battery Cables and Wire Harness -

We can custom build battery cables any length, any gauge and with any end a customer wants!


We can also build, from scratch or rebuild, wire harnesses. New wiring, terminals and ends all soldiered. 


Dump Truck project - 

Surface blasting the dump bed

After surface blasting the dump bed, we did the appropriate body work and prep for paint.




Travel Trailer repair -

Small damage in the lower left front area of this travel trailer came in for repair of the aluminum siding.

The skin straightened and repainted 

We also install accessories such as hitch haul carriers



1969 Firebird Sprint -

This is Don Wilson's 69 firebird before I got my greasy hands on it. (see our Home page for pic and link to article "Wilson & Flashback Win Award at World of Wheels")


The firebird is in the paint booth getting some sealer sprayed on before the paint job


Firebird all sealed off ready for red paint

Paint still wet!

With the paint job complete, it's time for the interior. Working on installing jute padding. 


Jute padding complete. Ready for carpet

Stretching the pre-sewn seat covers

This job, we installed new jute, foam and batting before stretching the covers


Seat upholstery complete. Seat are now ready for install


This restoration is complete, cleaned and ready for delivery


Not a great pic! But, I just like it.


Damn! That's just eye candy!




The 69 firebird won third place at The World of Wheels Car Show at Bartle Hall in the resto-mod classification. The proud owner is pictured (at left) standing next to his 1969 Firebird Sprint. Again, the link to the article from that event is located on our home page.



1965 Chevy El Camino -

This specimen is a 1965 Chevy El Camino. This car came in running and driving. It looked pretty good from 50 feet or at 50 mph. Up close was a different story. The owner wants the 1964 front end clip removed and a 1965 clip to replace it. This vehicle will get a complete restoration. Enjoy the following pics


Front clip removed


Completely disassembled and ready for blasting

The bed had a spray in bed liner that had to be razor bladed off. It's a little rough. At this point it will be surface blasted and body work performed


Blasting day for the El Camino

All blasted and cleaned up




After surface blasting, we prepared the metal and sprayed with por15

The rust damage is cut out and new metal is welded in





The firewall had a lot of unnecessary holes. We welded in patch panels to give the smooth look


Body removal for repair


New fuel line, the rear brake line and body bushings installed and ready for body

The body work done on both doors and in primer


El Camino body panels undergoing bodywork and block sanding

All items were suface blasted, damage repaired and coated with epoxy primer before paint


Prepping the bed area for the spray-in tinted bed liner

Praying the inside of the doors and new door hinges

Hood was sprayed with base coat\clear coat.


The inner fenders were sprayed with a combination base\clear and raptor liner.

The El Camino's power plant is a 1969 block with a set of new EQ cylinder heads and a Lunati Cam


The transmission rebuild!

The completed transmission overhaul with an 1800 rpm stall converter.



The body pieces are all edged with paint before reassembly 


The deep red sprayed on the dash and rear shelf pops with white exterior

The body all together right before painting.


Completed engine prior to installing the hood.



After a year of hard work planning, engineering, and a lot of shop hours, the customer (pictured above) will now have a

chance to enjoy his investment.  A special thanks to Kevin and Melinda for the business of two vehicle restorations.

It was a pleasure for Flashback Restoration to make the dreams come true.



1965 Riviera project -

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The 1965 Buick Riviera was towed in. The engine didn't run, it was leaving a trail of fluids and nothing worked. It didn't look too bad from 10 feet away but, from 5 feet, it was a different story.

The first step was to remove the engine for rebuild

The second step was to remove the transmission for overhaul


This is classic Greg. He gets into his work! Tear down starts

Degreasing the undercarriage after leaking for 50 years


The Buick 401 cubic inch engine was tired and full of grease from years of leakage.

The 401 nearly disassembled for hot tank. Notice all the boxes with parts. Also, notice how fast I'm working. Ha ha!


The body is coming apart. Notice how the outer door skins come off the door frame. Very different.

Prepping the Buick's turbo 400 transmission for rebuilding 

The turbo 400 rebuilt in house at Flashback Restoration


There was some rust through areas. Mostly inner structure areas that couldn't be seen until tore down. All patch pieces had to be made in Flashback's shop.


Here is a rust repair in sequence 

Metal work complete. Ready for filler work


The left front fender rust repair. Notice how after the rust is cut out we coat with por15 to help prevent rust from coming back.



Rear body mount in trunk

Both new fabricated rear trunk support pieces


Engine Bay Area prepped and painted

Turning the corner


The 401is freshly overhauled and painted


401 is back in the engine bay

Front disc brakes installed


The riviera's engine and transmission installed. The exhaust system is probably one of the craziest system design that I have ever seen.

We custom bent it to match the original. 2 1/4 inch all the way back.

The Buick's interior was in sad shape. A complete new upholstery job was necessary


We prep and coated the seat frames with por15

New batting and upholstery

Stretching the covers


Running and driving at this point


Installing the door skin

Nearly ready for paint


Completed product






1984 Jeep Wrangler -

Begin the tear down



Surface blasting complete

The firewall was in need of repair and modification to make right


The metal work done on firewall. Old unused holes patched and HVAC holes eliminated in preparation for the Old Air System

Filler, primer and raptor liner work done.



The jeep body being lifted into place with the strongman lift


The HVAC case fabricated into place


Wiring the jeep dash

Had to lower the battery down to make room for the HVAC lines


The dash installed and wiring complete. Ready to start 


Unable to find the correct fitting headers for this 327. So we custom fabricated a set to work.

Completed and ready for the customer to drive back to Ohio.





1966 Cardinal Love Bird camper overhaul project -  


The camper when pulled from hedge row


                                                                          The lovebird's body removed from frame.   The lovebird's frame recently surface blasted and then 

                                                                          Next step is to rebuild the frame                    coated with ppg black epoxy


The floor and wheel houses in place and ready for sides. 3/4 inch plywood was used on floor, walls and roof.   


The wood portion complete.                        Now ready to reinstall skin.        The epdm rubber roof being fitted by

                                                                                                                                    James Farley Construction


Lets go camping!  Ready for it first camping trip.    The paint job done with original style graphics.  With the exterior complete, it's time to    

Headed south to canoe the White River.                   think about trimming out the interior. Stay tuned for those pics in the spring!

1933 Dodge Pickup project -


It was being stored at a coop in Rushville after surviving two floods in the bottoms at which the truck was under 16 ft of water.
The 1933 Dodge pickup arriving at Flashback for complete restoration 


The lettering on the door was hand              Disassembling process starts with           The back of the cab in need of rust repair
painted by the customer's mother in1933.  the bed removal
The truck was used for years at the small
family owned grocery store


Greg removing the coil                                   The disassembling of the Dodge pu cab.  Greg removed the grill for restoration. It's amazing how                                                                                                                                                
                                                                                                                                                         well preserved the sheet metal is for the age.                                                       

The cab ready for surface blasting. Notice the rust at the back of the cab cut                 Bed just surface blasted and ready for body work

out for better clean up.


                                                                                                                                                         Block sanding the cab


Greg taping off the fenders after truck               Filler primer on cab and bed before more block sanding can be done. This process is usually

bed liner was sprayed on the underside         repeated 7 times


Flat head engine- pieces clean and ready for rebuild           truck bed                                                     seat covered with batting, ready for    


Here is the flat head six power plant with transmission being hoisted on to the frame. 

The 189 cu. in. Flat head was rebuilt In house by flashback restoration. Carburetor was overhauled in house as well.  The transmission required tear down, inspection and complete reseal. The generator and starter was sent out for 12 volt conversion, originally it was a totally 6 volt system.

The fuel tank filler tube was missing when truck was towed to the shop. A custom fabricated filler tube was manufactured in house to be close as possible to what might have been the original design.


Here at Flashback Restoration we custom bend and weld exhaust systems

Exhaust was completely replaced from flange back.  

If you need custom manufactured battery cables our cables are 1 to 2 ga. thickness and cut to just the right length. The terminals are crimped on, filled with solder and then covered with heat shrink.  A better cable than you can buy!


A special coolant hose connector had to be fabricated.  We built it out of a 1.5" steel nipple with a 5/8" heater hose nipple welded in place.

The running and rolling dodge p.u. Chassis is now ready for body parts.

The brake system complete with custom made lines, new hoses, shoes, wheel cylinders and master cylinder.  

The system has been bled and now has a rock hard pedal. 



This is the day last December (2015) that the Dodge went home. After 20 months, the museum quality restoration was complete. 



2003 Ford Ranger- yes we do bed liners!

This is a before shot                              After shot of the spray in bed liner       Bed liner complete with the top of the tail gate
                                                                                                                                       sprayed and rolled over the edge

The customer asked if we could rock guard the front of the hood and fenders while spraying the bed

75 Toyota Pickup project -

We cut the back of the cab off the Toyota p.u. to extend the cab 8 inches.

Additional rust repair on the bed sides

Then, we cut 8inches off the front of bed, made a new front and welded it back onto the bed

Starting the blasting process on the bed.  The bed liner sprayed in and tinted to match the cab

The 1975 Toyota p.u. extended cab project pictured being picked up by the customer. To be completed at a later date

If Toyota would have built a extended cab p.u. in 1975 it would have, perhaps, looked like this!

75 Corvette project -                            

Here is the 75 vette when it came in.

Dust barely wiped off and an old engine that wouldn't run           

Pictured here pulling the old power plant



Here is the 75 vette with the engine bay all repaired and cleaned up.

Engine bay sprayed partially with raptor truck bed liner and hot rod satin black

Here I'm building the new 350 cu in. 4 bolt main engine. This 4 bolt engine was rescued from a 70 Chevy p.u.


The rebuilt 350 4bolt engine with the vette's borg Warner manual 4spd trans is being installed (cont'd)


Notice here that we have razor bladed all the black paint from the body (cont'd)


The vette has the new power plant and all upgrades done. At this stage, the car is running and driving. Next, we will move on to body work and final finish.

The vette is done. Here are some engine, interior and body shots (cont'd)


The completed corvette runs very well. The driver stays cool with a Old Air brand HVAC system.







69 Corvette Convertible project -

This is what it looked like in February, when it came in.

Removing the corvette body for repair                                 The corvette sitting on body stand before the strip down

The corvette with the necessary repairs made and coated with PPG epoxy primer. Then coated with truck bed lining inside and under.

Lower panel exhaust cut outs filled in. Side pipes will be installed instead.

This is the way we gain access to the bottom of the corvette for fiberglass floorboard repair.

This pic shows the donor 350 4 bolt main engine straight out the flat bed farm truck installed. The body is repaired and back in place.


A close up of the 350 cu in. Working on starter installation and just fitted the exhaust headers

When the 69 corvette came to the shop it had the wrong year front clip and was also damaged. We found this correct year clip in Arkansas. Bought it and brought it back to the shop for restoration. Now the repaired clip is ready to be glued to the car

The front clip glued in place with a new hood


Installing side pipes

The underside of the 69 vette showing exhaust work, rebuilt transmission and used engine

The engine compartment complete with air conditioning. Now the corvette is running and driving


All body panels back in place, running and driving with cold air. The corvette is ready to go home for the customer to complete paint and interior.




68 Camaro project -

This was the condition when it was dropped off .

Both quarter panels had been removed several years ago by the previous owner.

We welded on OEM GM Quarter panels that had been purchase with the Camaro


The Camaro's body has been cleaned, sanded, prepped and coated with PPG Epoxy primer after the body work was performed.


This is a Chevy 350 engine, built by flashback restoration. The 350 is balanced, bored .030 over and equipped with low compression World Product big valve heads. 

The 68 camaro project now has the engine installed. Later it will be equipped with a keisler 5 speed new modern style manual transmission.

Most sheet metal installed. Now ready for wiring, accessory's and glass


The clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearing installed. Then covered up with the freshly painted bell housing.

The owner decided to upgrade the build with a new Tremec 5 speed transmission


If you're a gear head, you'll relate to this photo. Everything coming together!

In this pic, there has been a change in motors. Since the pics with the 350 motor, the owner found the original 327 and we rebuilt it with EQ cylinder heads. It's now installed and coupled up with the tranny.

No time or expense have been spared with the fuel tank. We epoxy prime and painted it. Then we installed a new sender unit and all new hardware.


The owner is quality minded. Hotchkis shocks have been install all the way around.

Custom exhaust work done right here in this shop....we don't do sub-outs. All work is done under the Flashback roof!

(Other side)


Rear view with under side done

Undercarriage complete and ready to roll down the road!

Front view of the exhaust to show how we keep the pipes symmetrical to each other. A sign of a good craftsman that cares


The front Hotchkis shocks.

The 327 all plumbed in and ready to start. More adjustments to come


The restoration of the tail lamps. They're a little puckered in the chrome. We will use truck bed liner to help soften the problem.

Completed tail lamps! Customer liked the bed liner trick and signed off on the job.


Now we are moving on to the instrument cluster restoration. This is what we are starting with.


Disassembling process

Dish washing (ha ha). Clean up


The owner has decided to upgrade with a tic toc tach. Here it shows the back side of the unit with the printed circuit

The speedometer head cleaned, tic toc tach installed with a new cover lens. 

The grill, headlamp rings, trim and bumper installed.


Added bumper guards to bumper and a front air dam to come soon.

Rear spoiler addition makes for a completed look


The Camaro is now ready for remasking and final prep for paint.

This stage of the Camaro we have just completed block sanding. Next we will un-tape and clean body very well


Prepped and ready for paint process

In this picture, the paint is still wet. 


The Camaro undergoing wet sanding and machine buffing

The back seat was upholstered with a TMI interior kit. A lot like a modern Camaro or mustang rear seat

The front seat were also a high bolster design.


This pic is the final completed engine compartment

The Camaro is now complete. Ready to be picked up by the customer.



This pic best shows the custom made center gage console. The walnut wood used in its construction matches the dash veneer and steering wheel. 

Heading home. . . .The End!